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People have often commented that Devils Delight double dark roast with cream and sugar tastes very similar to exceptional coffee flavor of  Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Well, look over your shoulder, Haagen Dazs… you have met your match: Wicked Manic Mocha Gelato by chef Susan Sbicca of Millie’s Gelato.

Susan is using Devils Delight with dark chocolate in her delicious vegan gelato. This is serious flavor: dark chocolate and dark roast coffee, frozen and hand crafted with almond milk and sweetened with agave.

Now you want to know where you can get this frozen delight that actually has a gelato’s chance in hell. Both Wicked Coffees and Millie’s Gelato are found weekly at the Leucadia Farmer’s market. (Sundays 10AM to 2 PM). Millie’s Gelato is also featured at Mission Hills Farmer’s Market. There is no need to bring a cooler with you to the farmers market. Susan will wrap yours in a heavy paper bag with some dry ice so you can share it at home.

For more information and a personal contact, visit Susan’s facebook page. Her upcoming website will have online ordering, FAQ’s and more.