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Wicked Coffees started one Sunday morning while Gloria and Rich lay in bed, desperate for a cup of coffee but too tired to move. Possibly catching the aroma of a neighbors’ brew, she said, “I bet if the devil roasted coffee in hell, he’d have more disciples!” He fell out of bed laughing, roused enough to go make their own pot of java.
Since that day in July 2010, we have searched to perfect that blend of coffee beans that will satisfy any time of day. It must be tasty, fresh and devoid of the scourge of dark roasts: burned bitter beans.
Our love of coffee is second only to our commitment to living fully with unconditional love and humor.
Contact us if you have any questions about our shopping cart or items you would like to see us carry.
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Twitter: @wickedcoffee
P.S. Okay, everyone wants to know about the name “Wicked Coffees.” Gloria is from Boston, where anything “really good” or “really bad” is deemed “wicked.” It was her inspiration to include that in the name “Wicked Coffees.” It was God’s inspiration to create coffee that good.  It is Rich’s inspiration to preach it to all who worship the glorious bean every blessed morning.
Wicked Coffees is based in Oceanside, CA.