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With the latest announcement by Life Extension Magazine that “coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants in the American diet,” Wicked Coffees is trying to help Americans avoid discomfort and disease with a monthly supply of Wicked good coffee. All that is necessary for this relief is to sign up to have Wicked Coffees delivered by mail once a month.

In that vein (shoot me up with Wicked!), Wicked Coffees regulars will receive our best discount. Our current pricing is 11.95 for one bag and 21.90 for two. But standing order coffee-fiends will receive all 12 ounce bags for only $10.00 each, plus shipping. Choose your favorite blend or mix them up.

To qualify, we need a valid credit card number on file so that we have permission to charge on a monthly basis. Send Rich an email now with just your name, telephone number and best time to call. (That way we can can set up the order in privacy.) Your first order will come with a free 2 ounce bag of our devilishly delicious Chocolate Smothered Espresso Beans. In addition, standing order customers will receive free samples of our other upcoming new releases.

Thank you for supporting Wicked Coffees in 2011! Let coffee support you through the New Year.