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Wicked Coffees is easily found at 7 farmers markets in San Diego, at a popular bakery in downtown Carlsbad 7 days a week and is online for ordering 24/7. Starbucks are all over the country and it is easy to find a store.


Superior coffee flavor. Wicked Coffees are always sold fresh, always smooth and always full flavored. Never burned. Never bitter. Every visit we get burned, bitter coffee beans that are tolerable with enough sugar and flavors.

Clean atmosphere.

What is better than fresh air in a farmers market? It’s spacious, too, and entertaining without downloads. Or, brewing it in the comfort of your own home, you have the benefit of smelling its great aroma where you live. Starbucks stores keep their tables, floors and bathrooms clean.


Value. Wicked Coffees aren’t cheap; and specialty, small batch roasted coffees aren’t generally cheap. But the value is unquestionable. Expensive (read overpriced).


We’re real people, financing our own passion for coffee. Financed from banks and investors to grow.
Internet We’re working on Wifi, free of ads. Got any ideas? Free Wifi with advertising.

If you’ve had both Wicked Coffees and Starbucks, I bet you can add your comments!

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