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Would you like to hear about the latest development in coffee flavoring? It’s gluten-free and more delicious than that word (gluten-free) allows. The company that developed this creates the flavorings without sugar, dairy, fat, wheat, rye, barley, soy, or traces of peanuts or tree nuts.
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You can see that Inbru® is not your typical coffee flavoring. It’s not like buying poor quality roasted coffee laced with excessive flavoring to cover up the poor coffee. It’s not a creamer or syrup that puts too much, or too little, flavor with the carrier.


Inbru® is just easy. Put a few scoops in your coffee grounds right before you brew your pot. You get as much, or as nuanced, a flavor as you desire. We don’t have to buy a full pound of flavored coffee that is just one flavor. With Inbru, we can have as many as 12 different flavors from that one bag of coffee, just by using a different Inbru® flavor each time we brew.


Danish Pastry flavor, without guilt or gluten, is easily a favorite. The calorie-free taste matches the taste profile of a select, fresh Danish. It’s a remarkable experience we can all achieve in the comfort of your own kitchens.


OR for an evening cup of coffee after dinner, I recommend Irish Creme or Highlander Grogg, whiskey and rum flavored blends. I like them with cream instead of dessert! The flavored coffee is not so filling and it is a great, sweet finish to a delicious meal.

open jar of Inbru® coffee flavoring

The 24 gram jars are enough to flavor 80 (six ounce) cups of coffee. Pick it up at Carlsbad Danish Bakery. Or go to for further information.