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And behold, the Serpent which the Lord God created slithered toward Eve in the Garden of Eden and beguiled her asking, “What’s brewing?” And Eve said unto him, “It is dark roast coffee.” And the Serpent raised his eyes unto heaven after smelling the brew and pronounced, “Let there be wicked.”

And the Serpent, also being a creature of wisdom, tempted Eve, “If you drink of the brew, you will be able to stay up all night and create as God commanded.” And Eve drank of the brew and offered it to Adam saying, “Let us stay up all night and create as God commanded.”

God heard the commotion in the garden and said unto the man, “Who told thee thou wast naked? And did I not tell thee not to drink the liquor of the coffee tree lest thou know good and wicked?”

And Adam said, “The coffee bean which Eve brewed kept us up all night, so we hid from the light where we did not see we were naked. And the woman entreated me to procreate as Thou commanded.

So the Lord God relented and blessed the coffee tree saying to it, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And it was wicked good.

copyright 2010 Rich Guy Miller

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