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Written comment from Thom, devotee of Hell Fire, “Still enjoying your fine coffee as a weekend treat. It amps me up for a weekend run better than anything!…we’re going to spend race weekend in San Diego. One of the first things we’ll pack is some Hell Fire roast – gotta have it before I race.”
Testimony 3/11/12 at Leucadia Farmers Market from NAME WITHHELD after sampling Devils Delight : “I work at Starbucks and this is way better than what we sell!”

Judy confessed at Vista Farmers Market: “I bought two last time. One was for a gift. But it was so good I opened it. I kept it.”

December 10, 2011 Jim just called from Oakland. He  bought an espresso maker a couple of months ago that resulted in good, but not excellent brews. But with “Hell Fire” he excitedly told me, “I just enjoyed the best espresso I have ever been able to make it home. I always go to a coffee bar to get really satisfying espresso, but Hell Fire was so satisfying, I could hardly believe it. It had really deep flavor, like you can get with a professional machine, and a beautiful crema.” Thanks, Jim. I’m sending you some more.


October 25, 2011  The recent launch of “Hell Fire” triple dark roast was a success. We sold out at each farmers market venue, four in a row. Sunday in Leucadia was particularly creative as samplers went beyond “Wow!” “That will clean your clocks!” “That’s all guns!” “If this isn’t wicked, you don’t know wicked.”


October 23, 2011 Marilyn Harrison agreed to try a sample of Devils Delight. As a nominal coffee drinker, she was… here, let her statement stand as she wrote it for me. “As a regular tea drinker, I was impressed with Wicked Coffees. So much so that I was anxious to have another cup. The flavor is smooth and unlike other coffees that left a bad taste in my mouth. The flavor of Devils Delight is delightful. I find myself wanting to relax and savor it. I have ordered more bags to be sent home to Florida for myself and my daughter.”


Janet and Karen fell in love with Wicked Coffees at the Carlsbad Farmers Market. Watch the short video. Aren’t they adorable?



Alicia ran out of her favorite Wicked Coffee brew, Organic Disciple and did not like it. Must have been the wicked, she has attitude! (PG-13 rated)


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  • Daniel Stratman says:

    It’s always the same for me. I wake up every morning and look forward to that fresh smell of coffee as if it’s lingering in the air before it’s even being brewed. And I always know it’s a special blend when I finish what I’ve made still wanting more from my coffee maker.

    Recently, I got my hands on some Wicked Coffee that was picked up for me at a local farmer’s market. It was their Double Dark Roast which is a blend I crave in the early hours of each day. Rich, but not bitter, I found it to be so satisfying that I finished it and had to stop at the corner , stand in a long line and grab one more cup of something for the road. That’s when I noticed the difference. With the taste of Wicked Coffee still on my tongue, this other cup only ruined the aftertaste that I was still enjoying from your blend.

    Please keep the Double Dark coming and I hope everyone will have the opportunity to taste the obvious passion you have for your coffee. It what makes each and every morning the start to a great day!

    Daniel Stratman

  • Janet Still says:

    Hello, Wicked Coffee! Your coffee which I purchased for my sister smells soo good! I am taking it back to her in Tennessee when we leave in a week and a half. And I want more! so I came out to Encinitas Farmers Mkt today and could not find you again!! I am hoping you will please be at the Carlsbad Farmers Market this Wednesday. I cannot go to the Saturday market as we will be in LA for a film shoot…(for Hell’s Kitchen). And I probably will not make the April 20th due to work responsibilities. So this is my last chance to get your coffee for more family back east! unless you suggest another way to obtain your yumminess. Thanks always, janet”

  • Steve Moak says:

    Lovin’ the Devil’s Delight double dark! It makes a nice cup french-pressed; robust and deep flavors without acidity and bitterness.”

  • Mel says:

    I don’t drink coffee even though I live in Hawaii where they grow Kona coffee…but that’s damn good coffee! Mel

  • Neva P. says:

    That’s the best black coffee I ever tasted! Neva

  • Jenny says:

    I have never had dark roasted coffee before that didn’t need cream and sugar to get over. I’m hooked! Jenny from Oceanside

  • Annie says:

    I got my coffee and you’re all I came to the Farmer’s Market for! On vacation I ran out of Organic Disciple and I thought I would die. Annie (Leucadia)

  • Russ Lurcook says:

    Recently purchased some coffee(Devil’s Delight) at the Farmer’s Market in Oceanside. We were visiting from SD. Loved the smooth taste of this brew. Still enjoying. Will be ordering more soon. Thanks for your pleasant style and attitude at your booth. You made us all feel comfortable in accepting your free samples. Blessing on you, Russ

  • Chase says:

    I didn’t think I would start drinking coffee again until coming across Devils Delight roast… Now I have something to look forward to in the morning! The rich flavor and even the effect of this coffee is amazing. Just a cup or two will keep me awake and productive throughout the day.

  • Fred Cutler says:

    The Devil’s Delight is only addicting! I’ve been enjoying it for a couple of months and everyone I share it with is in agreement.
    I’m running out and went to my usual Oceanside Market last Thursday and could not find you.
    Come Back! I can’t bear the thought of withdrawal!
    (Fred contacted us and decided to buy his stash of Devils Delight at Carlsbad Danish Bakery.- ED)

  • Allison B says:

    This coffee has made a believer out of me. I was trying to quit coffee for one month, and I thought I was succeeding. I even let my Devils Delight run out. But I found myself going back to the empty bag to get a lift. Now that my month fast of coffee is over, and I am back drinking Wicked Coffee, no other coffee can satisfy me.

  • Jamie says:

    “I love this coffee! It’s incredibly delicious and satisfying. It must be attributable to how wicked it is…

  • athena says:

    HI how can i order this coffee. i jsut ran out 🙁 and no where near Carlsbad…

  • Aaron Crispino says:

    Hi, Rich!!

    It’s Aaron Crispino, and you sent me a sample of Devil’s Delight. That coffee is absolutely delightful!! I really enjoy the full, rich bodied flavor; however, it lacks that bitter, acidic taste of many dark coffees — perfect blend! I also drink my coffee black so I got the full effect and wouldn’t change anything about it; it is a very optimal coffee. I just finished it about a week ago and it definitely makes drinking standard coffee a huge downgrade. The quality of the coffee is well worth the price. I really appreciate how you conduct business, as well. It is so difficult to find a business owner that is also a “person” too. Please don’t hesitate to stay in contact — a little coffee conversation is never unwelcome! Thanks again, Rich!

    — Aaron Crispino

  • Keith says:

    It was only a few months back that we first found Wicked Coffees. But we have been exceedingly happy with them, expecially Devil’s Delight. Where would we be without serendipity? We found the words everyone above said, about lots of flavor without high acidity and bitterness to be exactly true. It has caused one problem for us, though. When we run out of Wicked Coffee, and have to resort to the “S” Word, we are really disappointed in the coffee that used to be completely satisfactory. Thanks, Rich!

  • Thom says:

    I’m not a coffee snob, but I do like a good cup of brew — sans sweetener, cream, or any additives. Just a well-balanced, dark roast. Our regular go-to choice is the whole bean French roast by S***b**** that we get from Costco. Decent stuff, some bags better than others.

    A couple of weeks ago, I stopped at Richard’s booth at the Vista Farmer’s market, and he treated me to a sample of Hell Fire, his darkest roast. We’d recently decided to limit coffee intake to weekends only, so this was going to be a real treat, I’d hoped.

    What amazed me about the HF was that the richness of the flavor was not followed by the acrid bitterness that so many such roasts have. It was smooth, with a pleasant finish that lingered long after I’d had done with my sample. Needless to say, I bought a bag on the spot.

    Fast forward two weekends. We made a pot of HF each weekend, and I have to say how eager I anticipated it. Home-brewing Hell Fire did not disappoint. The same robust flavor, the same wonderful lingering taste on the palate. And oh yes, it does indeed perk you up! I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this coffee. Richard’s booth at the Vista Farmer’s Market will become one of the several must-stops when we go there.

    Keep up the good work. I love this stuff!

  • Julie B says:

    Thanks, Rich, for the coffee. Although I can’t attest to the Wicked loving (I am not a coffee drinker), it is a hit in our home. My cousin from Lombard loved it! (Jehovah Java) Will be ordering more as soon as this supply get low. Thanks again!!!!!!

  • Melina B says:

    ‘I am NOT a coffee drinker, it gives me tummy aches and makes me nervous. I am a total tea lover, drinking it everyday. If I do drink coffee it’s every once in a while, and has to be fair trade and organic. Yes, I’m super picky, but that’s the way it’s always been. Then, along came Rich at the Carlsbad’s farmers market, and it was love at first sip!!! I still save my bag of Devil’s Delight for special occasions when I want to treat myself and loved ones, but will not stray from the wickedly perfect taste of this coffee! I never knew wickedness could taste this good!!!’,

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