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Ode to Coffee
O! coffee, where art thou
When I need thee now?
In thy many flavoured blends
A hot cup would be godsend.
I cannot keep awake
Without a short coffee-break.
With thy life-giving aroma
Save me from going into a coma.
Java, Colombian or French Roast
Thy every flavour, I will toast.
To the end thy loyal slave
Three cups a day I will always crave.
(source: Ranjit Nair)
Ode to Coffee ……
Alarm clock goes off,
Is it morning; not night?
I drag to the kitchen
Then turn on the light.
With tired red eyeballs
And fingers that shake
I need stimulation
To keep me awake.
Ahhhh! Here’s the coffee,
Elixir of life!
Such blessed refreshment,
The ender of strife.
The freshly ground beans
The sound of each drop
You can’t feel this blissful
At some coffee shop.
It’s steamy and fragrant,
A joy to the nose.
No morning’s complete
Without two cup o’ Joes.
A home-brewed confection
Delight to the tongue
A pure taste of heaven
Hosannas are sung!
My eyes are now open!
My heart’s pitter-patter!
The caffeine’s now surging
Into my grey matter!
“Hey World, I’m ready!”
I shout to the day.
I hit the steps running;
Get out of my way!
(source: via Bella Bunny)
One Mom’s Spontaneous Ode to Coffee
I love the way you jack me up,
You hot, black velvet in my cup
And gird my mood for battle fair
with toys and poopy underwear.
My busy day I’m dearth to face
Until sweet coffee’s had it’s place
Upon my breakfast table where
I move the laundry piles with care.
I gently nudge the bills away,
Refuse to let work have the sway
To mar the blissful waking mood
that rich elixir doth exude.
Come sing with me of college years
Grey all-nighters, hangover tears
And all the foibles forced to flee
By coffee’s steadfast loyalty.
Ah, yes, dark friend! We owe to you
So much in life we’re wont to do
Careers, achievements, breeding too –
Without you…we’d just sleep right through!
To you, sweet beans, we give attention
To whining kids we shall not mention
The truth that’s proved each day anew…
The one I love the best is YOU!
(source Music Savvy Mom.)
Coffee is an inexplicable elixir in times of woe and strife. A companionable constant in this all-too-steady event and information flow. A source of quiet, packing its own special noise. We drink coffee to warm the soul and mind, to bestow instantaneous ignition, and against all odds, to catch a clue. (more by Karl Saliter)

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  • Craig McPherson says:

    Coffee is the beverage of the people of God, and the cordial of his servants who thirst for wisdom. When coffee is infused into the bowl, it exhales the odor of musk, and is of the color of ink. The truth is not known except to the wise, who drink it from the foaming coffee cup. God has deprived fools of coffee, who with invincible obstinacy condemn it as injurious. In it will we drown our adversities, and in its fire our sorrows. ~ Transylvanian Medical Society, ca. 1850

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