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I have been getting questions about low acid coffee. “Is Wicked Coffee low in acid?”

I understand that we don’t want to get acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH). But perhaps more to the point, we don’t want our coffee break to cause us literal pain, such as comes from excess stomach acid.

So, the question might be rephrased, “Will Wicked Coffee give me stomach acid?”

We do use Sumatra coffee beans in our blends, a region that typically has less acid. And several of our roasts are dark roasts, a process that lowers acid levels as it raises the roasted flavor. Our roasts are fresh, usually sold within a week of roasting, which gives less time for the coffee to get bitter.

But if it will give you a stomach reaction… I don’t know. It all depends on your system.

So here is what I propose to those that require low acid coffee… try it. Email us for a free 2 ounce sample if you haven’t tried Wicked at the farmers market or Carlsbad Danish Bakery. Grind it, brew it and savor it slowly. Your stomach will tell you. I have had several customers with severe acid reflux tell me they have no problems with Devils Delight or Organic Disciple.

And here is what I also propose… make sure your morning coffee (or afternoon or evening coffee for that matter) is also low in nonsense. Don’t drink the coffee the crowd consumes by habit. Don’t subject yourself to coffee ignorance. Don’t buy cheap coffee…it is sure to be high in acid and nonsense.

Just do coffee right… and it will do you right.