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Is Wicked Coffees a religious group? 


I don’t mean to confuse with my wicked humor, but some “seekers” have been asking if “Wicked Coffees” is a religious group. Not really. But that doesn’t mean that drinking Wicked Coffees is not a religious experience.


Coffee and religion have a long history.


For example, early after its discovery, African monks drank the brew to stay awake for their late night prayers and vigils. Later, “Cappuccino” was named thus for its resemblance to the robes of the Capuchin monks. And today, at many Christian churches, the most robust hour of Sunday is the coffee hour.


We recommend that you enjoy Jehovah Java, Disciple’s Decaf or Devil’s Delight on Sunday through Saturday to the inspired mantra, “Caffeination. Not condemnation. Caffeination. Not condemnation.”


It has a religious tone, doesn’t it?  Mmmmm.

Hell Fire trio available only at Wicked Coffees


Are we a religious cult? Java-dazed disciples? Koffee Kooks? Holy heretics? Deluded devotees? Biblical imbibers? Come to the Farmers Market and see for yourself.

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