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A truck driver pulled into a truck stop late at night needing a caffeine boost. The waitress came to take his order. truck stop
“I need a large cup of coffee,” the trucker exclaimed.
“Sorry, honey,” she replied. “We don’t have coffee.”
“Oh. In that case,” he figured, “I’ll take an iced latte. I never drink lattes but I need some caffeine. Really.”
“Honey, we don’t have any coffee to make you an iced latte. This isn’t Starbucks!”
“That’s terrible! Alright, I’ll take an expresso. No, two expressos.”
“Honey, we aren’t Starbucks. No espresso,” the waitress heaved. “How can I explain this to you? I know, how do you spell “ice” in “iced latte?”
The trucker was stumped for a second. “I C E,” he retorted snidely.
“Good, honey. Now how do you spell “press” in “espresso?”
“Good God! That’s P R E S S.”
“Excellent, honey. Now, how do you spell “stink” in coffee?”
“For heaven’s sakes, woman. There’s no “stink” in coffee!!”
“Honey, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for the last five minutes! There’s no stinkin’ coffee!”