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Decaf coffee is commonly vapid in taste, isn’t that true? Wicked Coffees, however, did not believe that had to be written in the law. We looked high and low to find a flavorful decaf. And we found it.

Last fall, we had a request to use our decaf in a new dessert called Wicked Midnight Mocha. We were up for the experiment, but hell’s bells, were we surprised how rich it came out. Honestly. Amazing.

Last Sunday (January 22, 2012), at the Leucadia Farmers Market, we were treated to an unsolicited comment about Disciples Decaf. We were told, “Your decaf doesn’t taste like decaf. It tastes as rich as any espresso.” Wow. And thank you!

Why would anyone drink decaf? Because they don’t want to be kept awake, but still want a delicious coffee to top off our dinner at 8. Or they have a reaction to caffeine, but love coffee flavor. Keep in mind, the health benefits of coffee do not come from the caffeine…they come from the over 1000 phytochemicals contained in the natural coffee bean.

Disciples Decaf that is “as rich as espresso” is brewed with the pour-over method, using both a paper filter and a gold filter, we were told.

Try it. Share a discovery. It may be decaf, but you’ll feel wicked good anyway.

P.S. Disciples Decaf is Swiss Water Processed, meaning it is free of harsh chemicals used to decaffeinate most decaf coffees.