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We all love to justify our love of coffee.  Wicked Coffees wants to help. So, in service to our customers, we offer these facts, tips and knacks of coffee.
Coffee Drinkers Live Longer. We did a search on Google for this phrase so we could share the good news with our contacts. Here’s some of the links to the various reports from the studies.
Washington Post, July 16, 2008 Health Tips (Bad Habit Helps You Live Longer) Eat Smart (Coffee Refills are okay) Eat Smart (Health Benefits of Coffee) Doctor Oz (Three Big Benefits of Coffee) (Coffee and Longevity) (Coffee Studies)
Now that we foiled the ignorance that coffee is bad for you…
What’s the best way to brew coffee? We’d like to say “your way” because that is the best answer. Have you tried more than one way? We have at least seven kinds of coffee brewer, not including the big commercial BUNN brewer that we use for the farmer’s market samples.

  • French Press
  • Cone filter cup drip
  • Percolator
  • Stove top espresso maker
  • Aeropress
  • Home Auto-Drip (typical Mr. Coffee type brewer)
  • Cowboy coffee (made in a saucepan over a fire)

Each brewing method yields a different taste. Personally, I prefer the percolator. (Electric, not stove top, which can easily turn coffee bitter.) It creates a great aroma, has no trouble brewing my coffee really dark and doesn’t have a hot plate that tends to scorch the coffee on the bottom.
After brewing, how do you best keep it tasty? Best answer: drink it right away. Here’s another answer that you may not expect: choose a fresh roasted coffee to brew. It keeps its flavor longer, so after brewing, if it gets cold in your cup, a quick warm-up will restore the temperature without spoiling the taste. After brewing is the only time you want to consider putting your coffee in the fridge. It will stay fresh tasting for a day or longer in the fridge.
How should the coffee beans be stored? There seems to be a persistent rumor that coffee (a tropical “fruit”) lasts longer in the fridge or freezer. How does a banana or a orange react to a fridge or freezer? Has coffee ever tasted fresher for having been left in these appliances? I dare say, “never.” So, here’s the answer: keep it from heat, light and air. (If you buy coffee in bulk at the grocery store, it has had lots of exposure to light and air.)
Seal your fresh roasted coffee (notice I did not say “coffee that you don’t know when it was roasted”) in an air-tight plastic  bag and place it in a cool, dark cupboard. Simple, isn’t it? Wicked Coffees come in a plastic bag to help you keep it fresh. We store the bags in a closed box, away from light and heat. That’s one reason why it tastes so good when you buy it.
Does coffee last longer when bought as a whole bean than as grounds? It might. It depends on how old the coffee is. If you buy your coffee fresh roasted, and you drink it within a few weeks, there is no reason not to buy it ground and ready-to-go. BTW, Wicked Coffees are ground with a commercial burr grinder and we typically get a better flavor from burr ground than the household blade-ground coffee. So, it’s okay to let us do the grinding for you. If the coffee is not fresh roasted, then by all means, check the date and buy whole beans. The ground coffees are likely to be less satisfying because they age faster. Of course, if you want whole beans, we sell those every day.
What’s with flavored coffee? Unfortunately, there are some coffees at the bottom of the heap. And investors must sell their inventory somehow, to someone. Right? Flavored coffees are usually the lower quality beans. The thinking goes, “When the coffee flavor isn’t going to inspire sales, add flavoring.”  If that weren’t bad enough, chemicals like alcohol and propylene glycol get added to the batch to carry and “fix” the flavor to the beans.
I have had multiple customers tell me of acid reflux when drinking flavored coffee. Yes, they are identifying the poor quality beans. Don’t drink it, my friends! But you can buy high quality 100% arabica beans and add flavor once in a while to change things up. Sometimes people throw in a peppermint stick or a cinnamon stick.
But better than that is Inbru flavoring. Inbru uses organic rice hulls to carry the aromatic flavor. A small amount is all it takes to infuse a whole pot of coffee. And you can mix the flavors, too. I love the Chocolate Fudge mixed with Creme Caramel! The only reaction I get is “double-yummy!” Check out more flavors.
What’s with instant coffee? Instant coffee has never been my favorite. I think people do that for convenience, not taste. For individual sizes, not aroma. For cooking and baking, not for satisfaction from a cup. Yes, there are ways to make a cup instant coffee palatable…like flavored creamers and syrups. But friends, there is no more reason to do this! Individual coffee sizes are easy now!
Coffee made by the cup with a cone filter tastes as fresh as any method. Coffee can also be brewed from a tea bag method and it sure beats the taste of processed coffee crystals. Both of these methods reduce clean up, and are convenient- without the need for an electric coffee brewer.
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