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Wicked isn’t just one way. Wicked Coffee has personality, rather, personalities. While many swear that Devils Delight is the best they’ve had, others like an espresso-dark coffee like Hell Fire or they want the higher caffeine of Jehovah Java.

Did I say “custom blends?” Yes. Wicked comes many ways. If you haven’t heard, our popular blends include Jehovah’s Delight (a satisfying blend of Jehovah and the Devil), Half Heretic (an organic, lower caffeinated blend of Decaf Disciple and Organic Disciple) and Espresso Everlasting, a secret blend and the cure for coffee limbo.

Just for a laugh, here’s the coffee blends to choose from at Wicked Coffees, along with the tag lines.

  • Devils Delight- Roasted in Hell. Makes you well.
  • Jehovah Java- Caffeination. Not condemnation.
  • Hell Fire- As Dark as You Dare.
  • Organic Disciple- Dark, Hot and Natural
  • Decaf Disciple – This One Won’t Betray You
  • Jehovah’s Delight- Jehovah Lifts while Devils Kick
  • Half Heretic- Pure Organic Coffee. Less Caffeine
  • Everlasting Espresso- The Cure for Coffee Limbo

Wicked is sooo fun when it means “delicious blends of coffee.”

P.S. Some blends are not at all of our locations. Feel free to contact us to make sure it is available.

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