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Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that when I wake up, I get coffee. I know of one extremely intelligent man who, through taking about 16 steps, has proven that he can turn a particular brand of bad coffee into good tasting coffee. He’s really intelligent. I’ve got to hand it to him.
I also know that baristas go through many months of training to be able to create a really excellent latte or cup of coffee. But between you and me, I would like to be able to make coffee that tastes very good and is very satisfying every morning in my own home. I’m talking about coffee that doesn’t require heroic measures.
That is why I started Wicked Coffees. It’s a coffee that tastes wonderful using a plain coffee maker. What could be more satisfying than waking up each morning to a fresh pot of coffee that tastes so good, it doesn’t require heroic measures to make it palatable? (And who in the morning is capable of heroic measures, anyway?) Many of my customers are very surprised to discover that Wicked Coffees, in spite of its name, requires no special pots, timing, flavored powder or syrup, nor sugar nor creamer to be good.
I don’t want to talk anyone out of cream and sugar in their coffee; my wife loves her coffee that way. She grew up with cream and sugar in her coffee. Now, with cream and sugar added to her cup of Wicked Coffees, it just tastes like dessert. The cream and sugar aren’t cover ups, so she gets to really enjoy her morning wakeup.
I recommend that you start with a bag of Devils Delight, my favorite. It’s a dark roast that isn’t bitter and the finish is very clean. It’s a great delight to savor the developing flavor of Devils Delight in my mouth. Jehovah Java is another great choice because it has more caffeine, but this medium roast has whole coffee flavor that’s easy to drink. If you favor espressos or café Americanos, try Hell Fire. I have never found a better espresso roast. It also makes a superb dark roast using regular coffee makers. The Marines here in town love it. I try not to tell them that it’s organic because that might make them think of it as weak and flavorless.
The choices are simple because they all taste wonderful. Very few coffee beans and fewer coffee roasters are up to my standards, but now that I found “non-heroic measure type” coffee, I’d love to share the blend with you. Order using the red tab at the top of the page. It says, “Get Wicked!