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“What a great shower! I felt an almost immediate rush of energy!”


“I swear I can feel the caffeine!”


Wake up and feel the coffee bars of soap

Great for your skin, deodorizes, too.


Wicked Coffees introduces the wicked way to getting clean.
Unlike commercial soaps that leave your skin tight, “Wake Up and Feel the Coffee” is made from a Shea Butter base that leaves your skin moisturized and soft. And the added benefit of freshly roasted Hell Fire coffee beans¬† exfoliates and deodorizes.
Use “Wake Up” for the shower or the kitchen, but don’t expect to smell the aroma of coffee. That is a job for the coffee pot!

These are “cold-process” soaps made from scratch by The Lotion Lady of Encinitas, CA. They are not “melt-and-pour glycerin.” Cold-process increases the amount of natural glycerin, so it is even kinder to your skin. Each 4 ounce bar is super-fatted with Shea butter and individually wrapped in plastic to insure freshness.
Shop now, using the “Get Wicked” tab above. $6.00 each plus tax and shipping.

Wicked Coffees fans… we have seen our last sunset at the Sunset Market on Thursdays in Oceanside. At least until cooler weather. We thank all of you that sampled and discovered how smooth our fresh roasted blends are. In lieu of the Sunset Market, feel free to

  • order by phone (see the number on my business card),
  • order online (using the “Get Wicked” tab above),
  • buy at the Carlsbad Farmers Market on Saturdays,
  • buy at the Leucadia Farmers Market on Sundays or
  • get wicked at Carlsbad Danish Bakery seven days a week, located in the Village on Roosevelt.

See the hours and addresses.

Wicked Coffee fans, thank you for your patience as we rebuild our website. In the meantime, feel free to shop in our online store for fast service. The store tab GET WICKED is above.

Did you know that the New York Stock Exchange started out as a coffee house? Today, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, next only to oil. Are the two so highly valued because of the way they move us?’

2010 was pretty wicked! Many of us lost jobs, benefits, friends and even family members. But there was some good, like the spawning of Wicked Coffee! We wanted to deliver a great product in the midst of many other disappointments and so far, so wicked good!

2011 promises to be an improvement. We are coming out with Disciple’s Decaf. We are offering our special blends in whole bean and ground. Oceanside Farmer’s Market (Oceanside, CA) will be one of our new venues, adding to the venue at the Carlsbad Farmer’s Market. Thank you for your support!’

‘Happy Wicked New Year’