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With a sense of “it’s time,” owners Rich and Gloria are closing down the sales of Wicked Coffees. Of course, this means Jehovah Java, Devils Delight and Hell Fire will no longer be available on this site.
This is not to say that the site or business is for sale. It is not. Nor is the domain for sale. We are just saying, “It’s time.” Rich, the front man and beloved courier is pursuing his developing career in IT and it’s time for him to fully focus on that career.
Thank you to everyone that loved and favored our delicious, never bitter, roasts. We are very grateful and are glad for your interaction. No bitterness, only a pleasant, smooth, slip into health and satisfaction.

Trophy for Carlsbad Danish Bakery, Retail Business of the Year

Retail Business of the Year sells Wicked Coffees!


We want to congratulate Carlsbad Danish Bakery, store and staff. They have been, not just nominated, but chosen, as Retail Business of the year for Carlsbad, California. (We knew they were amazing when they fell in love with Wicked Coffees!)


Owner Joyce Harris has made a real impact on the community, choosing local suppliers, hiring exceptional local help, engaging in local activities and contributing to the deliciousness of this destination city north of San Diego.
We are proud to be associated with them because they represent so much of that is right with Carlsbad. Be sure to visit their haven of Danish delights in the Village on Roosevelt street.

Just in time for those of us who doubted the healthy and satisfying benefits of a good cup of coffee, the University of California, Davis will host a research conference on March 11, coordinated by the UC Davis Coffee Center. Although the Center is homeless as yet, it can still appreciate the study of coffee.
After the conference, plans include building a greenhouse for coffee plants, courses that explore the issues of genetics, sustainability at every step in coffee production as well as the different sensory experiences of coffee drinkers with different kinds of coffee.
Earlier this year, UC Davis used the draw of coffee to teach students about chemical engineering and more recently added “The Design of Coffee” to the general education lineup, drawing 300 students.
Read more at UC Davis and NBC News.

A recent study at Johns Hopkins University has shown that consumption of 200 mg of caffeine helps with memory retention. The study was performed by Michael Yassa on 160 healthy men and women who were not regular consumers of caffeine.
Participants were shown some images, then given a placebo or 200 mg of caffeine in pill form, about the amount of caffeine in a large coffee. 24 hours later, new images were shown to them and those that had received caffeine were more likely to recognize differences between the original and later images.
For instance, a yellow ducky was one of the original images. Those that had the caffeine had better retention of the original image and were able to recognize shape and size changes in the image.
No, Johns Hopkins does not do quack studies.
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A new study at the Birmingham School of Sports and Exercise Sciences, UK, has shown that moderate coffee consumption (4 mugs per day) does not cause dehydration. Mugs up; myths down.
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How would you like to make a difference being just slightly wicked?

The annual fundraiser of the Community Resource Center (CRC) in Encinitas was held Saturday, September 22 (2012) supporting vital services to over 10,000 people in crisis. The CRC has been the primary provider of social services in the North County Coast region since 1979, assisting families in need and victims of domestic violence.

This year’s fund raiser was titled “CRC Equinox, Seasons of Change,” and included many donated items to bid on (including a basket with a bag of Wicked Coffee of the bid winner’s choice), held on the Paddock Green at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Post script: Over $150,000 was raised at the event, which came from numerous cash donations, donations and dinners.

Coffee makes life better to be sure. It is the most consumed beverage in the world (besides water, of course). Coffee helps us be creative, think clearly and respond more quickly. Some of us writers see coffee as a suitable replacement for blood.


Rich and Gloria have been selling Wicked Coffees at local farmers markets for over two and a half years now and Rich is excited to announce the availability of his book, The Twelve Commitments To Life, available at July 4th.


Twelve Commitments To Life front cover

This short and easy-to-read book focuses on twelve life essences, and shows how committing to them makes life more meaningful and connected. Rich also provides a plan in the book for putting these into regular practice. It is insightful, original and practical.


Rich will have the first copies at the Saturday Vista Farmers Market and the Sunday Farmers Market in Leucadia.
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Rich’s book is available at

Over a million Tassimo coffee makers have been recalled due to risks of severe burns. Dozens of reports from users have prompted government action from spewing steam, hot liquid, coffee grounds and tea leaves, according to the Associated Press.  37 cases of the 140 reported cited second degree burns.

Turn those suckers in!

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are dealing with scalding water when we make coffee. And we are doing it only half awake sometimes! Even cold brewed coffee gets heated to over 100 degrees to get that hot coffee satisfaction.

Please be careful,  coffee fiends.

Read the article on the Tassimo recall.

Acrylamide is a subject of ongoing investigations with the FDA. Why? It is a suspected carcinogen. It tends to form in foods that are overheated when cooked. Most notorious are heavily cooked (as in burned) or fried meats. But acrylamide is also found in toasted breads and fried potatoes, such as french fries and potato chips, according to Science News.

The FDA study sampled many common products and found acrylamides in roasted almonds, fish fillets, Starbucks Columbian roast, Wasa Crisp bread and Hershey’s Cocoa. The State of California also has required Starbucks to post a warning in their stores that their coffee contains chemicals (acrylamide) known to cause cancer. This is not something Starbucks adds the the coffee beans. It is a result of coffee roasting.

Then there is the problem of benzopyrene. According to an article in Wikipedia, benzopyrene is a component of  pitch and can be found in coal tar after a forest fire, in the air after a volcanic eruption, in wood and cigarette smoke  and “in burnt foods such as coffee. Evidence exists to link benzo[a]pyrene to the formation of lung cancer.”

Due to the common practice of burning a dark roast coffee, it behooves those of us that want to enjoy many more years of the brew, to drink roasts that have not been burned. (BTW, the FDA found more acrylamide in instant coffees than in typical brewed coffees.)

With the lack of conclusive evidence, the presence of these compounds may not be significant if these foods are ingested only occasionally. But coffee is a daily routine and ingesting anything possibly carcinogenic several times a day is cause for concern. Take cigarette smoking, for example. Recurring and consistent exposure leads to increased risk of cancer.

How do you tell if a coffee roast is burned? One way is to drag one of the beans over a white coffee filter. If it leaves a brown trail, it is burned. Another way is appearance of the bean. A burned bean is dark brown and very dry, looking much like a cinder. Another way is taste and smell. Sometimes the burning isn’t from roasting, but is brewed coffee that sat too long on the hot plate.  That you can taste and smell.

Many of our customers remark that Starbucks coffee is burned. One even called it “Char-bucks.” Whether or not it is, let your palate and nose steer you away from burned coffee. Not only is it possibly unhealthy, it tastes bad and there is no excuse for drinking burned coffee. Especially when you’ve got the master roaster at Wicked Coffees making sure each roast is full of roasted flavor, but never burned.

Sample one of our dark roasts to educate your palate. Compared to Starbucks, you will likely immediately taste nothing ashy, burned or bitter in our double dark Devils Delight or triple dark Hell Fire. I can’t help saying this: great coffee does not have to be burned, mediocre or a light roast. Try wicked good, micro-roasted coffee like ours and live to tell the tale.

With the latest announcement by Life Extension Magazine that “coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants in the American diet,” Wicked Coffees is trying to help Americans avoid discomfort and disease with a monthly supply of Wicked good coffee. All that is necessary for this relief is to sign up to have Wicked Coffees delivered by mail once a month.

In that vein (shoot me up with Wicked!), Wicked Coffees regulars will receive our best discount. Our current pricing is 11.95 for one bag and 21.90 for two. But standing order coffee-fiends will receive all 12 ounce bags for only $10.00 each, plus shipping. Choose your favorite blend or mix them up.

To qualify, we need a valid credit card number on file so that we have permission to charge on a monthly basis. Send Rich an email now with just your name, telephone number and best time to call. (That way we can can set up the order in privacy.) Your first order will come with a free 2 ounce bag of our devilishly delicious Chocolate Smothered Espresso Beans. In addition, standing order customers will receive free samples of our other upcoming new releases.

Thank you for supporting Wicked Coffees in 2011! Let coffee support you through the New Year.