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With a sense of “it’s time,” owners Rich and Gloria are closing down the sales of Wicked Coffees. Of course, this means Jehovah Java, Devils Delight and Hell Fire will no longer be available on this site.
This is not to say that the site or business is for sale. It is not. Nor is the domain for sale. We are just saying, “It’s time.” Rich, the front man and beloved courier is pursuing his developing career in IT and it’s time for him to fully focus on that career.
Thank you to everyone that loved and favored our delicious, never bitter, roasts. We are very grateful and are glad for your interaction. No bitterness, only a pleasant, smooth, slip into health and satisfaction.

Starbucks has shifted the coffee world because they always do three things right: Clean bathrooms, Clean area to congregate, Consistent products. So, Starbucks gets a C+.
Why they don’t get an A (although the health department might disagree with me) is that they kind of forgot something important about coffee. Coffee is great on its own. It is not supposed to be a carrier for flavorings. But, flavorings are where they make a ton of money.
My customers tell me that Starbucks coffee tastes like ash, it’s bitter and over-roasted. Okay by us at Wicked Coffees, where we specialize in coffee that tastes consistently like coffee, without the need for flavorings or ash-coverups. Great coffee doesn’t need flavoring to be amazing.
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coffee label, Holy Half HereticThe Wicked Coffees tribute to April Fool’s Day: Holy Half Heretic.

It’s the full flavored coffee that’s  half the caffeine.

Play a joke on your family or co-workers. They won’t be able to tell that it’s  only half -caf.

Holy Half Heretic is being featured March 31st and April 1st at the respective Saturday and Sunday Farmers Markets, Wicked Coffees booth.

Vista Farmers Market Saturdays,  8AM to Noon         325 South Melrose Dr., Vista

Leucadia Farmers Market Sundays 10 AM to 2 PM         185 Union St., Encinitas

By the way, is there such a thing as a “half heretic?” Either you are a heretic or not. Right?

Just in case anyone doubted, we had our Half Heretic blessed. Now it’s  a “Holy Half Heretic.”

After April 1st, Holy Half Heretic will be available as a custom blend order.

Acrylamide is a subject of ongoing investigations with the FDA. Why? It is a suspected carcinogen. It tends to form in foods that are overheated when cooked. Most notorious are heavily cooked (as in burned) or fried meats. But acrylamide is also found in toasted breads and fried potatoes, such as french fries and potato chips, according to Science News.

The FDA study sampled many common products and found acrylamides in roasted almonds, fish fillets, Starbucks Columbian roast, Wasa Crisp bread and Hershey’s Cocoa. The State of California also has required Starbucks to post a warning in their stores that their coffee contains chemicals (acrylamide) known to cause cancer. This is not something Starbucks adds the the coffee beans. It is a result of coffee roasting.

Then there is the problem of benzopyrene. According to an article in Wikipedia, benzopyrene is a component of  pitch and can be found in coal tar after a forest fire, in the air after a volcanic eruption, in wood and cigarette smoke  and “in burnt foods such as coffee. Evidence exists to link benzo[a]pyrene to the formation of lung cancer.”

Due to the common practice of burning a dark roast coffee, it behooves those of us that want to enjoy many more years of the brew, to drink roasts that have not been burned. (BTW, the FDA found more acrylamide in instant coffees than in typical brewed coffees.)

With the lack of conclusive evidence, the presence of these compounds may not be significant if these foods are ingested only occasionally. But coffee is a daily routine and ingesting anything possibly carcinogenic several times a day is cause for concern. Take cigarette smoking, for example. Recurring and consistent exposure leads to increased risk of cancer.

How do you tell if a coffee roast is burned? One way is to drag one of the beans over a white coffee filter. If it leaves a brown trail, it is burned. Another way is appearance of the bean. A burned bean is dark brown and very dry, looking much like a cinder. Another way is taste and smell. Sometimes the burning isn’t from roasting, but is brewed coffee that sat too long on the hot plate.  That you can taste and smell.

Many of our customers remark that Starbucks coffee is burned. One even called it “Char-bucks.” Whether or not it is, let your palate and nose steer you away from burned coffee. Not only is it possibly unhealthy, it tastes bad and there is no excuse for drinking burned coffee. Especially when you’ve got the master roaster at Wicked Coffees making sure each roast is full of roasted flavor, but never burned.

Sample one of our dark roasts to educate your palate. Compared to Starbucks, you will likely immediately taste nothing ashy, burned or bitter in our double dark Devils Delight or triple dark Hell Fire. I can’t help saying this: great coffee does not have to be burned, mediocre or a light roast. Try wicked good, micro-roasted coffee like ours and live to tell the tale.

Wicked isn’t just one way. Wicked Coffee has personality, rather, personalities. While many swear that Devils Delight is the best they’ve had, others like an espresso-dark coffee like Hell Fire or they want the higher caffeine of Jehovah Java.

Did I say “custom blends?” Yes. Wicked comes many ways. If you haven’t heard, our popular blends include Jehovah’s Delight (a satisfying blend of Jehovah and the Devil), Half Heretic (an organic, lower caffeinated blend of Decaf Disciple and Organic Disciple) and Espresso Everlasting, a secret blend and the cure for coffee limbo.

Just for a laugh, here’s the coffee blends to choose from at Wicked Coffees, along with the tag lines.

  • Devils Delight- Roasted in Hell. Makes you well.
  • Jehovah Java- Caffeination. Not condemnation.
  • Hell Fire- As Dark as You Dare.
  • Organic Disciple- Dark, Hot and Natural
  • Decaf Disciple – This One Won’t Betray You
  • Jehovah’s Delight- Jehovah Lifts while Devils Kick
  • Half Heretic- Pure Organic Coffee. Less Caffeine
  • Everlasting Espresso- The Cure for Coffee Limbo

Wicked is sooo fun when it means “delicious blends of coffee.”

P.S. Some blends are not at all of our locations. Feel free to contact us to make sure it is available.

Decaf coffee is commonly vapid in taste, isn’t that true? Wicked Coffees, however, did not believe that had to be written in the law. We looked high and low to find a flavorful decaf. And we found it.

Last fall, we had a request to use our decaf in a new dessert called Wicked Midnight Mocha. We were up for the experiment, but hell’s bells, were we surprised how rich it came out. Honestly. Amazing.

Last Sunday (January 22, 2012), at the Leucadia Farmers Market, we were treated to an unsolicited comment about Disciples Decaf. We were told, “Your decaf doesn’t taste like decaf. It tastes as rich as any espresso.” Wow. And thank you!

Why would anyone drink decaf? Because they don’t want to be kept awake, but still want a delicious coffee to top off our dinner at 8. Or they have a reaction to caffeine, but love coffee flavor. Keep in mind, the health benefits of coffee do not come from the caffeine…they come from the over 1000 phytochemicals contained in the natural coffee bean.

Disciples Decaf that is “as rich as espresso” is brewed with the pour-over method, using both a paper filter and a gold filter, we were told.

Try it. Share a discovery. It may be decaf, but you’ll feel wicked good anyway.

P.S. Disciples Decaf is Swiss Water Processed, meaning it is free of harsh chemicals used to decaffeinate most decaf coffees.

Coffee, that nectar of the gods that I sometimes refer to as Jehovah Java, deserves a proper set up. It’s not hard to make a perfect cup, but I get this question often enough to warrant a review.

It starts with fresh roasted specialty quality (not commercial quality or even premium) beans…something we specialize in. But you probably are tired of me saying that. And you might suspect me of tooting my own horn.

So, here’s a recent article found on Yahoo Shine that is pretty much on the money. Yes, it starts with freshly roasted coffee beans….(more) 9 Rules for a Perfect Cup of Coffee, by Jessie Price, deputy editor of food for Eating Well Magazine.

So… what rules does your kitchen god have for coffee?

Last weekend I was asked about decaf coffee. Since I was extolling the virtues of the Swiss Water process (a patented process that uses only fresh water instead of the usual chemical process), I should have known more about it. So I did some research.

Briefly stated, the Swiss Water process starts by making an extract of green coffee beans by soaking them in pure, fresh water. Then the extract is filtered to remove the caffeine. But it isn’t that simple. The extract, now without caffeine, is used to soak new coffee beans and by moderating time, temperature and water flow, the coffee beans release their caffeine into the caffeine-deprived extract. This exchange takes from eight to ten hours and is very environmentally responsible.

If you would like a more scientific explanation, I refer you to the Swiss Water Decaf web site. Read the text, watch the video, or do both.

Wicked Coffees does not use and will not use chemical-based decafs. Most processors use methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine down to 97% caffeine free. No wonder most decaf coffees leave a bad taste!

We’re Wicked. Not coffee without a conscience. Our decaf is 99.9% caffeine free, using environmentally safe decaffeination that is good for you.

BTW, our Disciples Decaf is so delicious it was chosen to flavor the best tasting tasting gelato ever, Wicked Midnight Mocha. Check it out at Millie’s Gelato. It’s handcrafted, vegan and so good you will want it every night instead of ice cream! The coffee flavor is so wicked good, you will know it’s from Wicked Coffees.

Even the darkest soul will be thrilled with a gift from Wicked Coffees. (He, she or it may not tell you that they enjoy looking into a reflection of their dark recesses and may only give a “humbug” grunt, but rest assured. He, she or it will find a good use for Wicked.)

Visit our new holiday offers page. Grin and bear greetings with wicked glee.