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Coffee Attitude

Wicked. It comes from awareness. Thank you, morning brew.

Wicked Coffees Poster with Adam and Eve tempted by rich coffee
Thanks for all your encouragement to bring our poster to the marketplace! What a great gift idea!
This 11″ x 17″ mostly black and white poster sells for only $12.00 and is ready for framing. Free postage to the continental US.
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Coffee makes life better to be sure. It is the most consumed beverage in the world (besides water, of course). Coffee helps us be creative, think clearly and respond more quickly. Some of us writers see coffee as a suitable replacement for blood.


Rich and Gloria have been selling Wicked Coffees at local farmers markets for over two and a half years now and Rich is excited to announce the availability of his book, The Twelve Commitments To Life, available at July 4th.


Twelve Commitments To Life front cover

This short and easy-to-read book focuses on twelve life essences, and shows how committing to them makes life more meaningful and connected. Rich also provides a plan in the book for putting these into regular practice. It is insightful, original and practical.


Rich will have the first copies at the Saturday Vista Farmers Market and the Sunday Farmers Market in Leucadia.
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Rich’s book is available at

Is Wicked Coffees a religious group? 


I don’t mean to confuse with my wicked humor, but some “seekers” have been asking if “Wicked Coffees” is a religious group. Not really. But that doesn’t mean that drinking Wicked Coffees is not a religious experience.


Coffee and religion have a long history.


For example, early after its discovery, African monks drank the brew to stay awake for their late night prayers and vigils. Later, “Cappuccino” was named thus for its resemblance to the robes of the Capuchin monks. And today, at many Christian churches, the most robust hour of Sunday is the coffee hour.


We recommend that you enjoy Jehovah Java, Disciple’s Decaf or Devil’s Delight on Sunday through Saturday to the inspired mantra, “Caffeination. Not condemnation. Caffeination. Not condemnation.”


It has a religious tone, doesn’t it?  Mmmmm.

Hell Fire trio available only at Wicked Coffees


Are we a religious cult? Java-dazed disciples? Koffee Kooks? Holy heretics? Deluded devotees? Biblical imbibers? Come to the Farmers Market and see for yourself.

Drinking coffee is not living on the edge, but it may give you an edge over others that are not drinking coffee. Yes, tests show that coffee drinkers do better on tests than those not drinking coffee (or drinking decaffeinated coffee).

But I love this quote I found on the site for the new movie “Connected.” It’s the author Leonard Shlain’s thought:

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking too much room.”

Wicked isn’t just one way. Wicked Coffee has personality, rather, personalities. While many swear that Devils Delight is the best they’ve had, others like an espresso-dark coffee like Hell Fire or they want the higher caffeine of Jehovah Java.

Did I say “custom blends?” Yes. Wicked comes many ways. If you haven’t heard, our popular blends include Jehovah’s Delight (a satisfying blend of Jehovah and the Devil), Half Heretic (an organic, lower caffeinated blend of Decaf Disciple and Organic Disciple) and Espresso Everlasting, a secret blend and the cure for coffee limbo.

Just for a laugh, here’s the coffee blends to choose from at Wicked Coffees, along with the tag lines.

  • Devils Delight- Roasted in Hell. Makes you well.
  • Jehovah Java- Caffeination. Not condemnation.
  • Hell Fire- As Dark as You Dare.
  • Organic Disciple- Dark, Hot and Natural
  • Decaf Disciple – This One Won’t Betray You
  • Jehovah’s Delight- Jehovah Lifts while Devils Kick
  • Half Heretic- Pure Organic Coffee. Less Caffeine
  • Everlasting Espresso- The Cure for Coffee Limbo

Wicked is sooo fun when it means “delicious blends of coffee.”

P.S. Some blends are not at all of our locations. Feel free to contact us to make sure it is available.

I have been getting questions about low acid coffee. “Is Wicked Coffee low in acid?”

I understand that we don’t want to get acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH). But perhaps more to the point, we don’t want our coffee break to cause us literal pain, such as comes from excess stomach acid.

So, the question might be rephrased, “Will Wicked Coffee give me stomach acid?”

We do use Sumatra coffee beans in our blends, a region that typically has less acid. And several of our roasts are dark roasts, a process that lowers acid levels as it raises the roasted flavor. Our roasts are fresh, usually sold within a week of roasting, which gives less time for the coffee to get bitter.

But if it will give you a stomach reaction… I don’t know. It all depends on your system.

So here is what I propose to those that require low acid coffee… try it. Email us for a free 2 ounce sample if you haven’t tried Wicked at the farmers market or Carlsbad Danish Bakery. Grind it, brew it and savor it slowly. Your stomach will tell you. I have had several customers with severe acid reflux tell me they have no problems with Devils Delight or Organic Disciple.

And here is what I also propose… make sure your morning coffee (or afternoon or evening coffee for that matter) is also low in nonsense. Don’t drink the coffee the crowd consumes by habit. Don’t subject yourself to coffee ignorance. Don’t buy cheap coffee…it is sure to be high in acid and nonsense.

Just do coffee right… and it will do you right.






Wicked Coffees is easily found at 7 farmers markets in San Diego, at a popular bakery in downtown Carlsbad 7 days a week and is online for ordering 24/7. Starbucks are all over the country and it is easy to find a store.


Superior coffee flavor. Wicked Coffees are always sold fresh, always smooth and always full flavored. Never burned. Never bitter. Every visit we get burned, bitter coffee beans that are tolerable with enough sugar and flavors.

Clean atmosphere.

What is better than fresh air in a farmers market? It’s spacious, too, and entertaining without downloads. Or, brewing it in the comfort of your own home, you have the benefit of smelling its great aroma where you live. Starbucks stores keep their tables, floors and bathrooms clean.


Value. Wicked Coffees aren’t cheap; and specialty, small batch roasted coffees aren’t generally cheap. But the value is unquestionable. Expensive (read overpriced).


We’re real people, financing our own passion for coffee. Financed from banks and investors to grow.
Internet We’re working on Wifi, free of ads. Got any ideas? Free Wifi with advertising.

If you’ve had both Wicked Coffees and Starbucks, I bet you can add your comments!

Coffee did not become known in Europe until the early 1700’s. The dark brew was considered vile and addictive, yet coffee houses sprang up as word of mouth shared the latest discovery.

The gatherings at coffee houses were the first signs to the establishment that they might be losing control of the masses. Preachers railed against the devil’s potion as public opinion was whipped into a froth. Johann Sebastian Bach was inspired to write his only operatic work, the Coffee Cantata, as a satirical comedy about coffee addiction.

An excerpted video version is available on YouTube.

And behold, the Serpent which the Lord God created slithered toward Eve in the Garden of Eden and beguiled her asking, “What’s brewing?” And Eve said unto him, “It is dark roast coffee.” And the Serpent raised his eyes unto heaven after smelling the brew and pronounced, “Let there be wicked.”

And the Serpent, also being a creature of wisdom, tempted Eve, “If you drink of the brew, you will be able to stay up all night and create as God commanded.” And Eve drank of the brew and offered it to Adam saying, “Let us stay up all night and create as God commanded.”

God heard the commotion in the garden and said unto the man, “Who told thee thou wast naked? And did I not tell thee not to drink the liquor of the coffee tree lest thou know good and wicked?”

And Adam said, “The coffee bean which Eve brewed kept us up all night, so we hid from the light where we did not see we were naked. And the woman entreated me to procreate as Thou commanded.

So the Lord God relented and blessed the coffee tree saying to it, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And it was wicked good.

copyright 2010 Rich Guy Miller

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