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With a sense of “it’s time,” owners Rich and Gloria are closing down the sales of Wicked Coffees. Of course, this means Jehovah Java, Devils Delight and Hell Fire will no longer be available on this site.
This is not to say that the site or business is for sale. It is not. Nor is the domain for sale. We are just saying, “It’s time.” Rich, the front man and beloved courier is pursuing his developing career in IT and it’s time for him to fully focus on that career.
Thank you to everyone that loved and favored our delicious, never bitter, roasts. We are very grateful and are glad for your interaction. No bitterness, only a pleasant, smooth, slip into health and satisfaction.

coffee label, Holy Half HereticThe Wicked Coffees tribute to April Fool’s Day: Holy Half Heretic.

It’s the full flavored coffee that’s  half the caffeine.

Play a joke on your family or co-workers. They won’t be able to tell that it’s  only half -caf.

Holy Half Heretic is being featured March 31st and April 1st at the respective Saturday and Sunday Farmers Markets, Wicked Coffees booth.

Vista Farmers Market Saturdays,  8AM to Noon         325 South Melrose Dr., Vista

Leucadia Farmers Market Sundays 10 AM to 2 PM         185 Union St., Encinitas

By the way, is there such a thing as a “half heretic?” Either you are a heretic or not. Right?

Just in case anyone doubted, we had our Half Heretic blessed. Now it’s  a “Holy Half Heretic.”

After April 1st, Holy Half Heretic will be available as a custom blend order.