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With a sense of “it’s time,” owners Rich and Gloria are closing down the sales of Wicked Coffees. Of course, this means Jehovah Java, Devils Delight and Hell Fire will no longer be available on this site.
This is not to say that the site or business is for sale. It is not. Nor is the domain for sale. We are just saying, “It’s time.” Rich, the front man and beloved courier is pursuing his developing career in IT and it’s time for him to fully focus on that career.
Thank you to everyone that loved and favored our delicious, never bitter, roasts. We are very grateful and are glad for your interaction. No bitterness, only a pleasant, smooth, slip into health and satisfaction.

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You demanded and I heard. Yes, I just graduated. And yes, I have a new job. (Thanks for congratulating me!) But you still need Wicked Coffees. That’s what you told me.
I know what it’s like to not have my favorite coffees, Devil’s Delight and the occasional Hell Fire espresso. And I won’t make you go through withdrawal. My plan is to keep ordering for myself and make the order big enough to include your favorites. I hope that allays your fears.
You can order from my website (use the “Get Wicked” tab above) or go to Carlsbad Danish Bakery where they carry Hell Fire, Devils Delight and Jehovah Java.
I thank you (again) for your dedication to “some of the best coffee in the world.” (Not my words, but those of one of my customers. He travels the world and drinks coffee wherever he goes.) Because when the orders for Wicked Coffees stop, I may be the only one on the planet with access to it. Please spread the word about Wicked Coffees so that never has to happen.

Trophy for Carlsbad Danish Bakery, Retail Business of the Year

Retail Business of the Year sells Wicked Coffees!


We want to congratulate Carlsbad Danish Bakery, store and staff. They have been, not just nominated, but chosen, as Retail Business of the year for Carlsbad, California. (We knew they were amazing when they fell in love with Wicked Coffees!)


Owner Joyce Harris has made a real impact on the community, choosing local suppliers, hiring exceptional local help, engaging in local activities and contributing to the deliciousness of this destination city north of San Diego.
We are proud to be associated with them because they represent so much of that is right with Carlsbad. Be sure to visit their haven of Danish delights in the Village on Roosevelt street.

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A truck driver pulled into a truck stop late at night needing a caffeine boost. The waitress came to take his order. truck stop
“I need a large cup of coffee,” the trucker exclaimed.
“Sorry, honey,” she replied. “We don’t have coffee.”
“Oh. In that case,” he figured, “I’ll take an iced latte. I never drink lattes but I need some caffeine. Really.”
“Honey, we don’t have any coffee to make you an iced latte. This isn’t Starbucks!”
“That’s terrible! Alright, I’ll take an expresso. No, two expressos.”
“Honey, we aren’t Starbucks. No espresso,” the waitress heaved. “How can I explain this to you? I know, how do you spell “ice” in “iced latte?”
The trucker was stumped for a second. “I C E,” he retorted snidely.
“Good, honey. Now how do you spell “press” in “espresso?”
“Good God! That’s P R E S S.”
“Excellent, honey. Now, how do you spell “stink” in coffee?”
“For heaven’s sakes, woman. There’s no “stink” in coffee!!”
“Honey, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for the last five minutes! There’s no stinkin’ coffee!”

Just in time for those of us who doubted the healthy and satisfying benefits of a good cup of coffee, the University of California, Davis will host a research conference on March 11, coordinated by the UC Davis Coffee Center. Although the Center is homeless as yet, it can still appreciate the study of coffee.
After the conference, plans include building a greenhouse for coffee plants, courses that explore the issues of genetics, sustainability at every step in coffee production as well as the different sensory experiences of coffee drinkers with different kinds of coffee.
Earlier this year, UC Davis used the draw of coffee to teach students about chemical engineering and more recently added “The Design of Coffee” to the general education lineup, drawing 300 students.
Read more at UC Davis and NBC News.

Any questions asked while I am counting out scoops of coffee will be answered with louder counting

Men are like coffee: The best ones are rich, warm and can keep you up all night long.
This meme is one of my wife’s favorites!