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Read the recent article at Life Extension Magazine on “Coffee’s Unique Health Benefits.” As mentioned in my previous post, 129 sources and studies back up this article.

And because it is clear from the article (and other studies I have read) that drinking more coffee clearly results in more benefits and protection, I am biting the bullet. I am drinking more coffee!

I have already given up on sodas. Not only are they a leading cause of diabetes, tooth decay and more, Devils Delight tastes so much better!  Tea is good, too, but less satisfying than a full flavored cup of joe. (“Joe-va-java” is my pre-caffeinated way of asking for  “Jehovah Java”). Beer and wine are okay, but they make me sleepy, even in moderation.

Relax, my friends. Bite the coffee bullet. Drink more coffee and stay healthy without even trying.