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Monthly Archives: June 2014

inigo montoya you burned my coffee

thank you
You demanded and I heard. Yes, I just graduated. And yes, I have a new job. (Thanks for congratulating me!) But you still need Wicked Coffees. That’s what you told me.
I know what it’s like to not have my favorite coffees, Devil’s Delight and the occasional Hell Fire espresso. And I won’t make you go through withdrawal. My plan is to keep ordering for myself and make the order big enough to include your favorites. I hope that allays your fears.
You can order from my website (use the “Get Wicked” tab above) or go to Carlsbad Danish Bakery where they carry Hell Fire, Devils Delight and Jehovah Java.
I thank you (again) for your dedication to “some of the best coffee in the world.” (Not my words, but those of one of my customers. He travels the world and drinks coffee wherever he goes.) Because when the orders for Wicked Coffees stop, I may be the only one on the planet with access to it. Please spread the word about Wicked Coffees so that never has to happen.