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Read the recent article at Life Extension Magazine on “Coffee’s Unique Health Benefits.” As mentioned in my previous post, 129 sources and studies back up this article.

And because it is clear from the article (and other studies I have read) that drinking more coffee clearly results in more benefits and protection, I am biting the bullet. I am drinking more coffee!

I have already given up on sodas. Not only are they a leading cause of diabetes, tooth decay and more, Devils Delight tastes so much better!  Tea is good, too, but less satisfying than a full flavored cup of joe. (“Joe-va-java” is my pre-caffeinated way of asking for  “Jehovah Java”). Beer and wine are okay, but they make me sleepy, even in moderation.

Relax, my friends. Bite the coffee bullet. Drink more coffee and stay healthy without even trying.

Life Extension Magazine (January 2012)  published an astoundingly researched article on “Coffee’s Unique Health Benefits.” Citing 129 sources and studies, this article is crammed with coffee health facts and stated, “coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants in the American diet.”

In these studies, we can see that higher volumes of coffee than average (3.1 cups per day) “can help prevent most major killers, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, liver disease and Alzheimer’s.” Many other studies have shown that the common fears about excess coffee consumption are invalid. So, more coffee is better.

While coffee’s many health benefits are no longer in scientific dispute, scientists have yet to study the majority of the over 1,000 phytochemicals contained in the coffee bean. Talk about antioxidant concentrate! Coffee is no snake oil remedy; it’s just plainly an unsurpassed preventative.

According to “Coffee’s Unique Health Benefits,” those drinking four cups of coffee a day exhibited 84% lower risk of cirrhosis and those drinking five cups of coffee a day began to reverse (yes, reverse) Alzheimer’s damage in five weeks. For diabetes risk, it drops 13% with one cup of coffee a day, 47% with four cups a day and 67% with twelve cups a day. Listen up, CocaCola and Pepsico! The coffee bean has crushed the cola nut.

These studies could be simple rationales for our favorite healthy habit, or they could be confirming what our bodies have been telling us for a long time. Coffee is so good…it must be wicked good.







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