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Last weekend I was asked about decaf coffee. Since I was extolling the virtues of the Swiss Water process (a patented process that uses only fresh water instead of the usual chemical process), I should have known more about it. So I did some research.

Briefly stated, the Swiss Water process starts by making an extract of green coffee beans by soaking them in pure, fresh water. Then the extract is filtered to remove the caffeine. But it isn’t that simple. The extract, now without caffeine, is used to soak new coffee beans and by moderating time, temperature and water flow, the coffee beans release their caffeine into the caffeine-deprived extract. This exchange takes from eight to ten hours and is very environmentally responsible.

If you would like a more scientific explanation, I refer you to the Swiss Water Decaf web site. Read the text, watch the video, or do both.

Wicked Coffees does not use and will not use chemical-based decafs. Most processors use methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to remove the caffeine down to 97% caffeine free. No wonder most decaf coffees leave a bad taste!

We’re Wicked. Not coffee without a conscience. Our decaf is 99.9% caffeine free, using environmentally safe decaffeination that is good for you.

BTW, our Disciples Decaf is so delicious it was chosen to flavor the best tasting tasting gelato ever, Wicked Midnight Mocha. Check it out at Millie’s Gelato. It’s handcrafted, vegan and so good you will want it every night instead of ice cream! The coffee flavor is so wicked good, you will know it’s from Wicked Coffees.

Even the darkest soul will be thrilled with a gift from Wicked Coffees. (He, she or it may not tell you that they enjoy looking into a reflection of their dark recesses and may only give a “humbug” grunt, but rest assured. He, she or it will find a good use for Wicked.)

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Coffee did not become known in Europe until the early 1700’s. The dark brew was considered vile and addictive, yet coffee houses sprang up as word of mouth shared the latest discovery.

The gatherings at coffee houses were the first signs to the establishment that they might be losing control of the masses. Preachers railed against the devil’s potion as public opinion was whipped into a froth. Johann Sebastian Bach was inspired to write his only operatic work, the Coffee Cantata, as a satirical comedy about coffee addiction.

An excerpted video version is available on YouTube.

Fresh, filtered, cool water is always the best choice when brewing a satisfying cup of coffee. (Wicked water will not enhance the taste, even if you are brewing wicked good coffee.) Distilled water is not a good choice, either, as it leaves the coffee tasting flat. For espresso, we recommend soft, not hard, water.

On the subject of water, how much water should you use? The recommended amount is 1 to 2 tablespoons of grounds to every 6 to 8 ounces of water. The difference between 1 and 2 tablespoons is a lot, so there is lots of room to experiment.

The reason coffee sages can’t be more specific about amounts of water to coffee grounds is not simply that everyone’s taste is different. Brewing methods are different and brewing temperatures are different from user to user and brewer to brewer. Sometimes coffee batches even differ, not that you ever need to worry that Wicked Coffees will be different from one bag to another.

Water is the carrier of your beans. It will pick up tastes left over in your coffee pot, be it aging coffee oils or incomplete rinsing of cleansers. A satisfying cup of coffee depends on wicked-clean water.

See more facts about coffee.

Adam and Eve with Wicked Coffee at Sunset Market

Is this the Wicked you asked for, Adam? Its the Devils Delight!

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Wicked Coffees are being served at the Carlsbad Village Fair Sunday November 6th, 2011 from 8AM to 4PM by Carlsbad Danish Bakery on Roosevelt at Grand. Get your photos as Adam and Eve this weekend!