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Wicked Manic Mocha containerMillie’s Gelato, owned by Chef Susan Sbicca, launched the debut of Wicked Manic Mocha flavor on Sunday, October 30th, 2011. The delicious frozen dessert is one of many custom, handcrafted gelatos featured by the local chef at San Diego farmers markets.

Pumpkin Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl and Lemon Raspberry gelatos also made the day a lot sweeter. Wicked Manic Mocha is flavored with Devils Delight and is a flavor hit, just like Susan’s other amazing food creations.

See our post about Susan, get a link to her web page and facebook page to stay updated.

Now available for evening and midnight satisfaction, as “Wicked Midnight Madness” made with Disciples Decaf!

More San Diego markets are wanting to feature Wicked Coffees. Visit Lillianna’s Delices Tuesdays in Mira Mesa, Wednesdays in Santee, Thursdays at UTC, Fridays at Kearney Mesa and Mission Hills, Saturdays at Golden Hills.  Ben the proprieter of Lillianna’s Delices  shares his love of French Moroccan food at these farmers markets as well as his favorite Wicked Coffees. Give Ben a wicked hug!

Congratulations to Wicked Coffees rewards cards holders. Sunday Oct 24th, Annie (who favors Organic Disciple) and Stephanie (who weekly buys a package of Jehovah Java) turned in their rewards cards to receive a free bag of coffee. It’s easy for locals to bring their rewards card and have it validated each time they buy one of our fresh roasted coffees at either the Saturday Carlsbad Farmer’s Market or the Sunday Leucadia Farmer’s Market. After ten purchases, they qualified for a free 12 oz bag of their favorite…or something new. Annie chose a bag of “Hell Fire.” Thanks for your support!

People have often commented that Devils Delight double dark roast with cream and sugar tastes very similar to exceptional coffee flavor of  Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Well, look over your shoulder, Haagen Dazs… you have met your match: Wicked Manic Mocha Gelato by chef Susan Sbicca of Millie’s Gelato.

Susan is using Devils Delight with dark chocolate in her delicious vegan gelato. This is serious flavor: dark chocolate and dark roast coffee, frozen and hand crafted with almond milk and sweetened with agave.

Now you want to know where you can get this frozen delight that actually has a gelato’s chance in hell. Both Wicked Coffees and Millie’s Gelato are found weekly at the Leucadia Farmer’s market. (Sundays 10AM to 2 PM). Millie’s Gelato is also featured at Mission Hills Farmer’s Market. There is no need to bring a cooler with you to the farmers market. Susan will wrap yours in a heavy paper bag with some dry ice so you can share it at home.

For more information and a personal contact, visit Susan’s facebook page. Her upcoming website will have online ordering, FAQ’s and more.


And behold, the Serpent which the Lord God created slithered toward Eve in the Garden of Eden and beguiled her asking, “What’s brewing?” And Eve said unto him, “It is dark roast coffee.” And the Serpent raised his eyes unto heaven after smelling the brew and pronounced, “Let there be wicked.”

And the Serpent, also being a creature of wisdom, tempted Eve, “If you drink of the brew, you will be able to stay up all night and create as God commanded.” And Eve drank of the brew and offered it to Adam saying, “Let us stay up all night and create as God commanded.”

God heard the commotion in the garden and said unto the man, “Who told thee thou wast naked? And did I not tell thee not to drink the liquor of the coffee tree lest thou know good and wicked?”

And Adam said, “The coffee bean which Eve brewed kept us up all night, so we hid from the light where we did not see we were naked. And the woman entreated me to procreate as Thou commanded.

So the Lord God relented and blessed the coffee tree saying to it, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And it was wicked good.

copyright 2010 Rich Guy Miller

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Hell Fire has hit the market, the farmers markets, that is, and the response has been inspired.

Hell Fire is our newest roast, a blend of the best Sumatran and Central American coffees, roasted to a triple dark shiny finish. As we say on the label, “As Dark As You Dare.” Not burned, not scorched, not smoky. Real dark flavor that kicks you into the dark side.

Hell Fire is presently only available as whole bean coffee in an eight ounce bag. Freshly roasted, darkly satisfying.

Triple Dark Hell Fire in 8 oz bags