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To order any of our wickedly delicious fresh roasted coffee blends, click the “Get Wicked!” tab at the top of the page. Choose from our hot sellers below. Fair warning! One of our customers raved, “Once you go wicked, you can’t go back.”


A fuller explanation of our blends (Devils Delight, Jehovah Java, Hell Fire, and more are on the shopping cart page.


Devils Delight 12 foil bag of Devils Delight dark roast coffeeOur double dark roast is getting the reputation as a rich coffee that finishes without the bitterness or typical burned taste of other dark roasts. With cream, it might as well be a tempting dessert. Who knew the devil would be so smooth? This full flavored coffee is from Indonesia and Central America. $11.95 for a 12 ounce foil bag of whole bean or ground roast.


Jehovah Java Jehovah Java coffee bagThis nectar of the gods is a rich, aromatic and smooth blend you’d expect to find at a five star restaurant (but rarely do). Low acidity and minimal bite make this cup a delight to savor with food and friends. From SHB Central America, South America and Indonesia. $11.95 for a 12 ounce foil bag of whole bean or ground roast.


Organic Disciple Organic Disciple coffee labelOur 100% Sumatran free trade organic blend is no ordinary Sumatran. We went looking for a leader that was dark, full bodied, complex and palate-loving. Flavor and consistency were paramount. Call it addiction or discipleship, after sipping, you will bless the Master.


Hell Fire  If the devil were smart, he would use all that hell fire to roast a coffee as good as this. Roasted dark and shiny, a cup of hell fire wakes the dead. Our blend from Indonesia and Central America is best enjoyed naked with friends. $7.95 for a 8 ounce foil bag of whole beans.8 oz bag of Hell Fire, espresso roast


Wicked Coffee Mugs11 oz Wicked Coffee mug says "Roasted in hell, makes you well" are a perfect gift for the coffee grump that needs a morning smile. “Roasted in hell- Makes you well…”

White ceramic 11 ounce mug. $9.95 plus tax and shipping.

Our best poster (and our only poster at present): Buy now for $12.00

Wicked Coffees Poster with Adam and Eve tempted by rich coffee